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Why scooters is important for traveling in Chanthaburi?

Chanthaburi is small province in East coast thailand. Travellers like to stop here before Koh Chang and Cambodia.

Small but we have many things to do like gems market, Chanthaboon waterfront, Phlio waterfall, Chaolao beach. but no transport.

You can go around Chanthaburi in one day easy if you have vehicle. And this reason Why you need to rent a bikes in Chanthaburi.

1. Scooter can parking every where.

some time you will not fine parking if you driving a car but for a scooter you can parking easy

2. Cheap for parking

In national park you have to pay for parking. for a scooter you pay just 20 Baht.

3. Save time and Save money

One tank of gasoline about 100 Baht and you can go 100Km enough for road trip around Chanthaburi

4. No public transport in Chanthaburi.

You wanna go to Phlio waterfall? you will pay for taxi 300 Baht for oneway and 300 Baht for go back. But 300 Baht for rent a scooter you can go every where.

5. See somethings difference on a scooter.

Travellers know about Phlio waterfall, Gems market, chanthaboon waterfront. But in Chanthaburi have some nice place like Krating waterfall, Khao sor dao national park not a lot information on internet but there is the best place to see. if you have a bikes maybe you will love this province.

Khung wiman beach

Chanthaboon waterfront is very nice old town very small road but you will parking a scooter easy

Hungry? Just stop a bike and eat!!


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