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5 reason...why you should rent a scooter for traveling in Chanthaburi.

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Ridding a scooter around Chanthaburi
Scooter experience in Chanthaburi
  • You can go every where easy

Chanthaburi is small town but difficult to walk. you can walk around the city but if you need to go to the country side it is impossible. The scooter or motorbike is the best choice for you. You can ride a scooter from the city to Namtok Phlio National Park in in 15 minutes. And 20 minutes to Laem Sing beach

riding CBR 300 to Laem Sing beach
Sunset at Laem Sing beach
  • On a budget

Scooter rental in Chanthaburi is very cheap. You can get a brand new scooter rental from 230 Baht per day. And every scooter can save you a lot of gasoline (1 tank for 150 Km). Chanthabur does not have public transport, train or bus. You'll lose a lot money for taxi to take you around Chanthaburi maybe 3,000 Baht for one day. This is a good reason for rent a bike for travel Chanthaburi.

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