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What to Bring to Rent a Motorbike ?

  • Passport

  • Driving licence (If any)

  • Contact information, such as your Thai phone number,  Hotel name, WhatsAp, Line, Facebook etc.

  • Cash. Budget roughly 250-900 baht per day, depending on your motorcycle preference.

  • Deposit 1,000-5,000 baht

  • At least a little motorbike riding experience


1. The Lessee and guarantor must provide a valid Passport or ID card for Thai people.

2. The deposit and the rental fee must be fully paid by cash the first hiring day. Lessee’s copy of passport or copy ID card and deposit are held during the rental period. The Lessee will be get full refund deposit if motorbike not get damage while rental.

3. The Lessee shall hire the vehicle for him/her and cannot borrow the bike to another person. The Lessee is the only person covered by the insurance. Sub-hiring the Bikes to a third party is totally prohibited.

4. The Lessee must take good care and maintained the bike as his own property. The Lessee will not be retuned deposit in case of early return.

5. Never transfer this contract, neither sell nor mortgage the vehicle or its equipment. 

6. The motorbike is supplied with a full tank of fuel and the lessee must fill up the full fuel before returning the motorbike. If the lessee not fill up the full fuel of tank, the lessor can charge 20-500 bath fuel fee.

7. In any case of accident and what ever happened to the lessee, the bike and/or any third party, the lessee agrees to never engage Supamas scooter & motorbike rental and/or the bike’s owner.

8. Get back the vehicle keys and papers to the Lessor. If the Lessee does not respect this engagement and if the vehicle is stolen, the liability of the Lessee will be engaged. The Lessee will also be in charge of all the costs due to this breach (Making new keys fines 200- 1,000 bath, etc.)

9. If motorbike and all of accessory get damage or lost the lessee must paid all. If the lessee not paid. The guarantor must responsible for paid all Case of Thief : The Lessee has to pay the whole price of the bike (50,000 - 200,000 THB) The Lessee has to pay the whole price of the helmet (300 - 4,000 THB) The Lessee has to pay the whole price of the cable lock (500 THB)

10. Our motorbike do not have insurance, The Lessee will be held responsible for all damages including scratches. The Lessee are NOT permitted  to fix or change or paint parts himself or herself. Fine will be 20,000 baht if The Lessee changed any part of the motorbike. The Lessee has to inform shop immediately. Exception is only to recap (flat tire) with lessee is responsible to take to the garage (The Lessee pay)

11. Standard medical coverage insurance is included with all bikes to help with medical expense for all those involved in the event of an accident damage.

12. If the Lessee wants to keep the vehicle for a longer period than it was planed, he must inform the Lessor and obtain his Agreement timing.

13. The Lessee agrees to bring back the vehicle at the exact agreed date into the contract. If a longer period than it was scheduled. The Lessee must pay 50 baht per hour. If more 4 hour The Lessee must pay rental 1 day.

14. The liability of the Lessor won’t be engaged in any case, for any goods forgotten by the lessee into the vehicle.

15. The rented vehicles can only be used in the territory of Chanthaburi.

16. For illegal stuff or any goods transportation or persons transportation for business.

17. If the Lessee is breach of contract in any section. The Lessor reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately without any prior notification, and reserves to claim the charge in full amount. Any controversy of this contract, shall be proceed an action according to law.

18. More details can be found in the General rental conditions section.

    I have read and I agree with the whole contract terms and conditions and I hereby acknowledge my liability under the road traffic, as set out in clauses.

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